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Welcome to Thanakarshnni photocenter (TK Photocenter) specializes in luxurious wedding photography, destination weddings, Portraits, Industrial, Advertising, Portfolios, Modeling as well as cinematography.

We know every Indian wedding is a kaleidoscope of intermingled events both traditional and contemporary. They present a coming together of friends and families to celebrate the union of two people who vow to be one forever.

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Thanakarshnni Photocenter (TK Photocenter) today includes a culmination of traditional values immersed in numerous rituals alongside the fun & frolic characterized by friends moving to the craziest dance steps. We love both of these aspects and it’s beautiful to see our brides and grooms transform into soulmates with that calm smile in the middle of thousands of familiar sounds, the look on the face of parents when look at their daughter and wonder how she grew up so fast and the friends around the groom wondering how they will pull his legs with the new addition in his life. We cherish these moments and try in the best way possible to capture each and every one of them! We want to capture all these emotions and ensure that it stays with you forever.

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